Trail of Saṃsāra

the dream MMORPG project

Codename: Mass Guardians

An MMO project is always complex thing, especially large-scale MMORPG. So, for now I'm working on a small project to gain experience and maybe make a team.
The project with codename "Mass Guardians" is a shoot-em-up top-down single player game in a fantasy theme with controlling multiple characters by player.
My goal is to make a mix from "Battleheart" and "Crimsonland" games.
The Battleheart game has unique feature about controlling whole group at the same time and it makes…

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Codename: Trail of Samsara

About a half year ago I was completely annoyed by looking for a more-less playable MMORPG and I didn't found anything. Most of modern MMORPGs are not an MMO at all, in addition lot of games become p2w or just have crappy mechanics.

So, as a programmer (10+ years web development), I decided to start learning game development with long-term goal to build "an ideal MMORPG".

And I can say I don't care about pets, mounts, animations and so on – all such things are purely cosmetic and has nothing…

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