Trail of Saṃsāra

the dream MMORPG project

Made a simple page for the upcoming Knightmare Lands project

Well, there is no more to say for now.
It's not even a landing page, just a short notice about work in progress. Tried to make it in a game style, but it was awfully ugly (I'm not a graphic designer of any kind), so removed almost all styles and leave it just a red-n-black.

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Knightmare Lands

It was always hard to name variables and methods for me, so when it comes to name the whole game project I'm completely stuck.
That's why the first title was a bit weird and silly – Mass Guardians.
Now, thanks to a random name generator, the game has new name, I believe much more cool!
Meet "Knightmare Lands"!
And to add more fun, here is the art for first two characters for the game:
Karuhan, The Knight
Sacra Sebon, The Sorceress
We're waiting at least two more heroes for the first version of the game…

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Codename: Mass Guardians

An MMO project is always complex thing, especially large-scale MMORPG. So, for now I'm working on a small project to gain experience and maybe make a team.
The project with codename "Mass Guardians" is a shoot-em-up top-down single player game in a fantasy theme with controlling multiple characters by player.
My goal is to make a mix from "Battleheart" and "Crimsonland" games.
The Battleheart game has unique feature about controlling whole group at the same time and it makes the game pretty interesting and…

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Codename: Trail of Samsara

About a half year ago I was completely annoyed by looking for a more-less playable MMORPG and I didn't found anything. Most of modern MMORPGs are not an MMO at all, in addition lot of games become p2w or just have crappy mechanics.

So, as a programmer (10+ years web development), I decided to start learning game development with long-term goal to build "an ideal MMORPG".

And I can say I don't care about pets, mounts, animations and so on – all such things are purely cosmetic and has nothing to do with MMORPG…

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